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DAGMAR meditation cushion

The Dagmar Slate Grey

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The Dagmar Slate Grey



The natural shells are the dried husks of the buckwheat seed. They give The Dagmar Meditation Cushion a springy quality under pressure, allow malleable support and and allow airflow when used for longer periods of time, so reducing over heating. These husks are a great alternative to manmade fillings for cushions and pillows.

Babouche Slippers

The handmade Bohemia Design Babouche slippers are a great way to ensure your feet stay comfortable as you work from home, do the odd chore or kick back with your favourite box set.

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Handmade Linen Heat Pilow

Relax your muscles

Hilda Therapy Pillow Natural

Blanck Living

Hilda Therapy Pillow Natural


The Hilda Therapy Pillow

Named after Sharon – Blanck's co-founders grandmother – the Hilda Therapy Pillow is a hand made Linen Pillow with a removable inner lining filled with wholewheat. The pillow is warmed using a microwave and is an ideal alternative to hot water bottles. No spills and no leaks. Ideal for aching muscles and for cosy nights.

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