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Hilda Therapy Pillow Slate Grey


The Hilda Therapy Pillow is the ideal relaxation pillow for warming aching muscles and tired limbs. It can be used draped over the shoulders, around the neck or placed on a level surface under the neck as a pillow or under the hollow of your back to warm the lumbar region of the spine. Perfect for relieving aching muscles on hamstrings and for symptomatic relief from an upset stomach.

If you have an injury albeit sporting or otherwise  you can use the Hilda Wheat Warmer in conjunction with a cold compress for alternating heat and cold treatment.

The Hilda Therapy Pillow is filled with cleaned, dust free, and graded whole wheat grain – farmed in the north of England. The wheat grains are free from chemicals and are hot air dried and stored with a moisture content of 14% – perfect for heating and using as a therapeutic relaxing muscle warmer.

We hand sew the wheat grain into the inner pillow which can be removed so that the outer cover can be washed separately without destroying the integrity of the wheat grain.

Every Day Care

After using your Hilda Wheat Warmer we recommend storing in a dry cool place.

Laundry Care

Your Hilda Wheat Warmer pillow has two layers, an inner whole wheat grain cushion and an outer cover. To wash the outer cover, remove the inside pillow and set to one side. We recommend washing using a delicate hand wash setting at 30˚.

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