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The Dagmar Sweet Pea Pink


This beautifully handmade cushion is made from specially selected fabrics and filled with organic and hypo-allergenic buckwheat hulls.

The Dagmar Cushion provides support, comfort and is ideal for relaxation and meditation and is ideal for anyone wishing to explore meditation and relaxation in comfort. Used in a seated position it helps to reduce hip joint stress for those new to sitting in a lotus position.

The nature of the fabric and filling together have a springy quality under pressure, allows airflow when used for longer periods of time, is hygienic and will be malleable time after time, will conform to you always and will not lose its shape.

The inner cushion can be removed so that the outer cover can be washed either by hand or in a washing machine on a delicate 30˚C setting.

Every Day Care

After using your Dagmar Cushion we recommend storing indoors.

Laundry Care

Your cushion has two layers, an inner buckwheat cushion and an outer cover. To wash the outer cover, remove the inside cushion and set to one side. We recommend washing the cover by hand or if using a washing machine using a delicate hand wash setting at 30˚. Close zip before washing.

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